Quilting Machine – the Long Arm or Longarm

It is always hard making history. We like thing comfortable and acceptable; the way thing have always been. It is easier to keep things that way — the way they are today. Change can be and uncomfortable and even controversial — making quilts by hand vs the long arm quilting machine!
Long arm quilting is indeed a change. To some quilters, the very subject is uncomfortable and controversial. But the use of longarm quilting machines means growth and it is fueling the great upsurge in quilting across the world. One has to be honest here — an unfinished quilt top is not as exciting as a colorful quilt on your bed or the smiles from your family and friends as you present them a finished quilt.

Using these quilting machines has enabled some long arm quilters to complete more than 250 quilts in a single year! But it is not a contest of how many quilts can be finished. Longarm quilting machines provide an opportunity for some people to actually earn an income from home.

The use of long arm machines has also fueled the entire quilting industry. More quilts require more fabric, batting, and thread, not to mention sewing machines sold and more demand for quilting classes and instructors and books.

The drawbacks? None! One just has to adapt to the use of these new machines and techniques. And, if you are one of these people who feel negative about the long arm quilting machine, maybe you should ask yourself why you are not using a “petal driven sewing machine” — cause people said the same about the new-fangled electric sewing contraption!