My Sewing Machine Is Not Working

My Sewing Machine Is Not Working Question What's wrong with my sewing machine and how much would it cost to repair it? While I was sewing, I heard a loud pop and then the machine sounded like it was running low on power. I turned it off and realized the needle was bent. So, I [...]

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Basic Sewing Supplies for Quilting

Basic Sewing Supplies for Quilting There are some sewing and quilting supplies that you will need regardless of whether you're quilting or sewing a dress for your little girl. They are important to have on hand. So be sure you have scissors, pins, a needle and thread, as well as a seam ripper. Scissors that [...]

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Needles and Pins

Needles and Pins Last on the list of essential supplies that every sewer should have are pin needles. Pin needles are kind of like temporary glue that hold together your sewing projects before you put the final glue (the thread) into the fabric. Believe it or not, there are several different types of pin needles [...]

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